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ecorepel®, the ecological way to repel water

Isn’t it fascinating how ducks can dive under water and re-emerge with their feathers still dry? Like all waterfowl, ducks produce an oily secretion that allows their plumage to repel water. The ecorepel® technology transfers this natural water repellence to textile surfaces.


ecorepel® imitates this natural protection as a highly-functional, odorless high-tech finish. It is based on long paraffin chains that wrap themselves spiral-like around the individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. A sophisticated docking system binds them to the fibers. The honeycomb-like paraffin structures consist of hydrocarbon chains that are arranged over the whole area and reduce the surface tension. Water droplets and even mud with significantly higher surface tension, run off easily.

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